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Be notice that we will combine and proceed all the orders on every MONDAY.Customers have to make payment before MONDAY, if not your order will be delayed to next MONDAY.

感谢大家的支持!! 我们每个星期一会总结订单数量, 请大家在星期一前付款, 不然就会归入下星期一的订单了!!

Please order the latest 2 month design, or contact me check for availability of stock. BUT no 100% promise, do grab as fast as possible if you like the design.
Discount Scheme is based on the final avaibility of stock.



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XXEO9106-Chiffon One-Piece(洋装)
〖Size〗L/ XL/ XXL/ XXXL
L: Chest: 96cm * Length: 90cm * Waist: 100cm
XL: Chest: 104cm * Length: 92cm * Waist: 108cm
XXL: Chest: 112cm * Length: 94cm * Waist: 116cm
XXXL: Chest: 120cm * Length: 96cm * Waist: 124cm
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X9893-Chiffon One-Piece (洋装)
〖Size〗XXL: Chest: 43inch * Length: 92cm * Waist: 41inch
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XXEO9107-Silk Cotton Dress(洋装)
〖Material〗Sky Silk Cotton
〖Color〗Dark-blue , Blue
〖Size〗L/ XL/ XXL/ XXXL
L: Chest: 96cm * Length: 93cm * Waist: 80cm
XL: Chest: 104cm * Length: 94cm * Waist: 90cm
XXL: Chest: 112cm * Length: 95cm * Waist: 100cm
XXXL: Chest: 120cm * Length: 96cm * Waist: 110cm
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X9858-High-Chiffon Lace Top(上衣)
〖Material〗Chiffon + Lace
XL: Chest: 39inch * Length: 65cm * Waist: 36inch
XXL: Chest: 41inch * Length: 66cm * Waist: 38inch
XXXL: Chest: 44inch * Length: 67cm * Waist: 40inch
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XXEO9105-Chiffon One-Piece(洋装)
〖Color〗Purple , Green
〖Size〗L/ XL/ XXL/ XXXL
L: Chest: 96cm * Length: 71cm * Waist: 80-100cm
XL: Chest: 104cm * Length: 73cm * Waist: 83-104cm
XXL: Chest: 112cm * Length: 75cm * Waist: 86-112cm
XXXL: Chest: 120cm * Length: 77cm * Waist: 90-120cm
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XQH7001-Wollen Fleece Too(上衣)
〖Material〗Woolen Fleece
〖Color〗Red , Orange , Blue
〖Size〗XL/ XXL
XL: Chest: 38inch * Length: 76cm
XXL: Chest: 40inch * Length: 76cm

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X9850-Cotton Lace Top(上衣)
〖Material〗Chiffon + Lace
XL: Chest: 40inch * Length: 72cm * Waist: 42inch
XXL: Chest: 43inch * Length: 74cm * Waist: 46inch
XXXL: Chest: 46inch * Length: 76cm * Waist: 50inch
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